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November 06 2014

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One of the Best Kept Secrets to Enhance The Metabolism: Eating

The worst thing that people who want to lose weight try is starving. Women are usually the ones guilty of that but some men fall into that trap too. They are mistaken to think that they will lose weight fast and then everything will go back to normal when they’ll reach the weight they want and start eating a bit. This is wrong and ineffective. The only result that it could have is sickness.

Knowledge is power and the more you apply, the slimmer you’ll be. If you just starve hoping that you’ll slim down, you’ll only damage your health. One of the best kept secrets to enhance your metabolism is to eat.

When you starve, you will lose weight due to the calorie deficit. But your body will enter starvation mode and the metabolism will be slowed down because your body mass will be reduced. You’ll lose muscle mass along with that fat. When you’ll lose a significant amount of body mass and weight, your calorie needs will decrease and your metabolism won’t get any faster.

The body’s response to starvation is also called adaptive thermogenesis. The metabolism activity decreases and the body functions might lose their balance. The metabolism won’t probably slow down that much for you stop losing any weight, but any lost pound will be a step closer to illnesses.

Starving is reckless and dangerous. No one should ever starve to be leaner. Because you’ll lose both fat and muscle mass in an aggressive way, your skin will probably sag and become unaesthetic. The overall appearance of the body won’t even look fit. You’ll look deprived, the skin will become dull or dry and your hair might fall off. The nails will become brittle and you’ll experience fainting, lethargy and possibly anemia.

It’s much more than the old calories in-calories out rate. You need to eat the right things and to ensure that your body receives the essential nutrients to support the body functions properly for you to be healthy. Weight loss will come as a result of this. You can find out key details at GetHealthyGetHot.com, a website that focuses on nutrition and the properties of the foods we supposed to eat. Read carefully everything that is written there and get a proper diet made of healthy and nutritious foods that work as weight loss aids as well. There are delicious foods out there that can simply boost the metabolism.

Metabolism can be enhanced and weight loss can be sped up. But this can only happen if you eat the right foods. Starving will only make matters worse and affect your overall health condition and look. Get informed and shed the pounds off the smart way.

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